Enhancing biosecurity in livestock production


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Species: Pig, Poultry, Transport

Country: Spain

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Biorisk External and Internal are tools developed by Animal Data Analytics (ADA), a private company in Spain.  With Biorisk External the level of external biosecurity can be monitored and evaluated through the digital control of visits and vehicles. The same is done for the internal biosecurity with Biorisk Internal through the tracking of movement of persons on the farm.

The aim of the tools is to improve biosecurity in general by reducing the number of risky movements on and between farms but it can also be used to solve problems with specific pathogens such as PRRS virus.

The tools are not free of charge but they can be used by everyone interested in evaluating and improving biosecurity such as farm owners, veterinarians, integration companies, transport companies, feed mills, etc.

Data collection

Both tools use tracking devices to generate real-time data about movements on the farm and between farms that can be classified as safe or risky for each farm and situation specifically. Therefore, GPS trackers or beacons need to be worn by the farm personnel or should be present in the vehicles but also an online application can be used. On the farms detection points need to be installed in the stables, hygiene locks, at the entrance,… to detect the trackers and register the movements.

Data analysis, reporting and benchmarking

In the Biorisk system each farm or company first has to define what safe and risky movements are based on the type of facility, sanitary status and type of visit or vehicle. So each time a visit or movement is registered, the system analyses this immediately based on risk models and classifies the movement as safe or risky. By tracking the visits, the program can also create an electronic guest book for the farm.

Because the data are collected in real-time the farm manager, owner, or person in charge can be alerted immediately in case of a risky visit for example. The data are also stored centrally and can be analyzed over a certain period. Afterwards, a report can be provided to the responsible person and based on this information measures can be taken to reduce the number of risky movements and increase the internal and external biosecurity. Furthermore, benchmarking can be done at individual and general aggregated level.

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