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Species: Pig

Country: France

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Pig Connect Biosécurité is a professional audit tool that assesses the level of external biosecurity of French pig farms. It is developed by the National Swine Health Association (ANSP) and IFIP (French Pig and Pork Institute). It allows the farmer to have an inventory of the level of biosecurity on his farm and to construct a farm-specific biosecurity plan with his veterinarian or health technical advisor. By completing this audit, the pig industry gets an overview of the level of biosecurity on French pig farms.
The use of the biosecurity audit is free of charge and there is also a Pig Connect Biosécurité MOOC which is available as an online training.

Data collection

Completing the Pig Connect Biosécurité audit is voluntary and can be done by answering the 67questions covering all the regulatory requirements on biosecurity measures on pig farms. A farm visit is performed with direct inspection of the production units while completing the online Pig Connect audit. Most often the audit is done by the farm veterinary advisor or an external auditor from the industry and the person interviewed during the evaluation is preferably the farm owner or manager.

Data analysis, reporting and benchmarking

After completing the audit, the data are analysed by using a scoring method based on weighting the different biosecurity measures or group of measures. A report is generated, a general biosecurity score for the farm on 67 is calculated and feedback is given by a written report with recommendations and suggestions on how to improve biosecurity.  Benchmarking is also done at individual and aggregated level.  

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