Enhancing biosecurity in livestock production

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Francisca Velkers

Poultry veterinarian and epidemiologist

Francisca Velkers, DVM, PhD, is a poultry veterinarian and (ECPVS accredited) specialist and epidemiologist. Most of her research focuses on gut health, reducing antimicrobial resistance and avian influenza. She has lead several projects related to identifying risk factors for introduction and spread of pathogens at the wildlife-livestock interface, using a One Health approach. Her work consists of experimental and field work and contributing to developing mathematical models voor transmission and development of risk maps. Her field work has resulted in extensive experience with biosecurity assessments on poultry farms and coaching farmers and veterinarians towards better prevention, detection and response to potential outbreaks. By collaborating in several multidisciplinary projects with both poultry and pigs, she has also developed experience with assessment of biosecurity and welfare in pig farms.