Enhancing biosecurity in livestock production

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Marnie Brennan

Associate Professor in Epidemiology

Dr Marnie Brennan is a veterinary researcher-educator based at the University of Nottingham, with further qualifications in epidemiology (ECVPH Diplomate; RCVS Specialist). Marnie has worked in private veterinary practice and for the government in Australia and the UK. Her cross-sector background is reflected in the research she carries out, specifically focused on preventive medicine (vaccination and biosecurity) across a range of animal species (e.g. cattle, sheep, equids, dogs, cats, fish) and evidence-based veterinary medicine. She has an interest in a range of stakeholder engagement methodologies (e.g. consensus methods) and other quantitative and qualitative approaches (e.g. questionnaire, interview, and text based analyses).

Marnie leads the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine, a unique research and knowledge exchange initiative focused on conducting research of relevance for clinical practice whilst providing training and resources for pre- and post-registration veterinary professionals and other groups (farmers/owners, industry).