Enhancing biosecurity in livestock production

Gonzalo Abad

Gonzalo Abad Poultry manager Graduate in Veterinary Medicine from the Alfonso X el Sabio University. Master in Animal Production and Health from the Complutense University of Madrid. He joined ADA at the beginning of 2022 for the Department of Digital Transformation in Livestock Linkedin Envelope

Simó Roca

Home >> Partners >> Animal Data Analytics Simó Roca  Product Manager Simó Roca is a veterinarian from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has worked for several years in the marketing department of the LIVISTO pharmaceutical company. He is currently responsible for the development and improvements of Biorisk biosafety software. He also actively participates in […]

Gema Montalvo

Home >> Partners >> Animal Data Analytics Gema Montalvo Agricultural Engineer  Gema Montalvo is an Agricultural Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She has a specialty in Animal Production and also an Agricultural Technical Engineer. She holds a PhD  in Environmental Technology for Sustainable Agriculture from the ETS of Agronomic, Food, and Biosystems Engineering […]

Elia Lorenzo

Home >> Partners >> Animal Data Analytics Elia Lorenzo Senior Technician in Environmental Health Elia Lorenzo is a graduate of Chemical Sciences and a Senior Technician in Environmental Health. She has been working at ADA (previously Pig Champ) since January 2002. From the beginning, she has developed her work in the R&D environment and, currently, in […]

Inmaculada Diaz

Inmaculada Diaz holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Córdoba. Master’s degree in zootechnics and ecological livestock. She has been working at PigCHAMP since 2010, where she started in the applied research department. From the beginning, she has been participating in different areas of the company until he ended up forming part […]

Carlos Piñeiro

Home >> Partners >> Animal Data Analytics Carlos Piñeiro Director, Veterinarian Carlos Piñeiro is a veterinarian, who holds a PhD from the University of Meiji-Tokyo, and a diploma from the European College of Porcine Veterinarians. He is the director of ADA (previously Pig Champ). Since its creation in 2000, he contributed to the development of […]